Cracked or chipped teeth are very common, accounting for a majority of the dental injuries people encounter.  The symptoms of a cracked tooth can manifest in a variety of ways. Erratic pain when releasing the bite pressure while chewing can indicate a cracked tooth. Additionally, severe pain when your tooth is subjected to hot or cold temperatures can also be the result of a cracked tooth. In many instances, the pain will come and go, often making identifying a cracked tooth issue difficult.

At DeSoto Dental, we understand how difficult it can be to experience a broken, chipped or cracked tooth. Our priority is to get your smile looking and feeling the best it can as soon as possible with our general dentistry treatments. Our team works with patients to help make their cracked tooth repair procedure easy and enjoyable. Special care is taken to assure patients that their smiles are in good hands. If you or a loved one is experiencing any discomfort while chewing, call the experienced team of dental professionals at DeSoto Dental today. 

Repairs to Damaged Teeth

The process to repair a damaged tooth can vary. The type of damage to the tooth will determine the outcome of your treatment plan. Understanding the fundamentals of why your teeth are experiencing pain is essential to developing the right solution. There are various types of cracked teeth patients can experience. Patients may experience a fractured cusp, craze lines, cracked tooth, split tooth, and a vertical root fracture.  Craze lines are shallow, often do not cause pain and do not need to be repaired.

The severity of the damage to your cracked tooth will determine the appropriate treatment plan. To repair a chipped tooth, a dental filling or bonding may be used to fill in the missing tooth surface. This process is very similar to filling a cavity. For more extensive damage, dental crowns, veneers, or a root canal may be needed. If you are concerned that you may have a cracked or damaged tooth, contact DeSoto Dental today to visit with a dental professional today to ensure your oral health is cared for