One of the best restorative dentistry options available for those who are missing teeth is dental implants. Technology has provided dental professionals with options to provide patients with options to increase the longevity of their oral health. Dental implants are used to connect new teeth directly to the jaw bone by using titanium that is implanted into jaw bone. This dental procedure can be highly beneficial option compared to traditional dentures. For some people, they may not realize how much of an impact dental treatments can make in their day-to-day lives. Living with missing teeth doesn't have to be an issue any longer. Visit with the talented team at DeSoto Dental today for more information about our dental implants.

Complete Implant Dentistry

The dental treatment process for complete dental implants consists of a series of appointments with your professional dental provider. DeSoto Dental adopts Cone Beam CT scan technology to assist with the dental implant treatment process. Cone Beam CT is a special type of x-ray equipment to produce 3D images of your teeth, soft tissues, nerves and jaw bone to provide an advanced method for developing dental implants. Although complete implant dental options involve more time, the team at DeSoto Dental values your smile, and your time. We will work with you to improve your oral health by providing a complete, comprehensive dental exam and explain your options. Consider complete dental implants an investment in improving your life, smile and overall health.

Teeth Replacement

If you have missing teeth, your oral health can continue to decline without proper dental treatment. If you have missing teeth, even those far in the back of your mouth, neglecting to treat your oral health can have a crucial impact on your health and wellbeing. This is because the root is no longer stimulated; loss of bone is an inevitable next step, making dental issues even more prevalent. The team at DeSoto Dental strives to help all of our patients reach a level of oral health that can be life changing by providing a path to achieving optimal oral health. If you or a loved one is considering dental implants instead dentures, contact our office today to schedule a visit with a caring team member at DeSoto Dental and learn how we can help you feel and look better.