DeSoto Dental is proud to offer patients CEREC, one visit crown treatments. If you have a damaged tooth that requires a dental crown, you may be concerned about the time that it takes to have this type of dental procedure completed. Compared to the traditional multiple visit dental crown procedure, CEREC is done in one office visit. DeSoto Dental does this by using advanced dental technology to image the tooth, creating a permanent crown restoration in a matter of a few hours. There are no messy impressions, extended wait times and visits to the office. This easy, fast general dentistry treatment is just one of the many convenient options we provide patients.

CEREC Same Day Dental Crowns

There are numerous benefits to choosing CEREC crowns, starting with the amount of time patients will need to invest.  Most patients will find the convenience of 2-3 hours compared to the traditional dental crown process of 2-3 weeks, a much more pleasant experience. Choosing the CEREC method means patients will not have to deal with the messy impression process, and forgo the uncomfortable process of wearing a temporary crown. Moreover, the CEREC dental crown procedure is painless, increasing your comfort level immensely. With this method, patients will find the new crown will not only fit better, but match your existing teeth more efficiently than the typical lab created crowns. With a non-invasive process to your existing tooth structure, patients at DeSoto Dental will find the CEREC crowns are a much more satisfying experience.

The team at DeSoto Dental understands how many people can find this type of dental procedure to be stressful. The CEREC crown procedure is done in one office visit, often only a few hours is needed to repair your cracked or broken tooth. With our advanced imaging technology, the doctor has the ability to create a 3D image of the tooth, making exact measurements as needed to ensure the dental crown fits perfectly. Once the image is completed, it is sent to a milling machine creating a custom, personalized dental crown. Once complete, the doctor will adhere the crown with a bonding agent, creating a perfect, timely match to your existing tooth. For more information about the CEREC crown procedure or to schedule an appointment, contact DeSoto Dental today.