If you have been suffering from persistent headaches stemming from jaw pain, you may be suffering from temporomandibular joint dysfunction/disorder (TMJ/TMD). TMJ/TMD can be painful, often making everyday routines difficult. The cause can be the result of clenching or grinding the teeth or jaw, which leads to painful side effects. Often, the onset of TMJ/TMD is something that can be treated easily but without a proper diagnosis and general dentistry, you may continue to suffer. Furthermore, sufferers may not realize the root of their discomfort is in their jaw. For many people, the grinding or clenching of the teeth happens while asleep, making the root cause difficult to discern. These symptoms are not life threatening, but suffering from jaw pain that stems from TMJ/TMD can be very uncomfortable, even debilitating for some.

Treatment can help those who suffer find relief from headaches, jaw pain and provide a path to increase their oral health and wellbeing. There are many options for relieving TMJ/TMD, but diagnosing the symptoms is necessary to find the right treatment plan that will work for you. DeSoto Dental works closely with patients who suffer to ensure their well-being is cared for, making the symptoms less severe.

Jaw Pain Relief

If you or a family member struggles with habitual jaw pain, stiffness or persistent headaches, the cause could stem from the disorder temporomandibular joint dysfunction/disorder. Many people who suffer from TMJ/TMD find that the pain can be difficult to manage, often taking away from their quality of life. A series of tests are utilized to diagnosis the disorder, making relief one step closer for you and your family. Don't suffer with jaw pain any longer. Contact us today to find out how we can help relieve your TMJ/TMD pain today.